Updates and Improvements


We're constantly updating and improving the powerfully simple todo list manager TodoListMe. Below you will find a log of those changes.

If a change is listed here and you don't see it in your lists, try refreshing the page in your browser and the changes should come through.

Updates to ToDoListMe in 2013

June 3rd - Major update. Rewrote the core to be a lot cleaner and hopefully more robust. Lots of minor UI tweaks and improvements.

February 14th - Introduced an interface to allow you to restore backups of your lists. You will find it at the bottom of the main page and it is called 'Backups'.

February 12th - Increased the storage on the server for each account when syncing. Some people with particularly large lists may have experienced their lists getting corrupted. If this is so, contact us and we should be able to recover most of your lists for you.

January 13th - Fixed a bug where tabbing between lists didn't go in the right order.
- Also fixed it so that you don't go to the next list if you Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Tab to your lists page.

January 2nd - Made it so that the undo button is hidden by default and only shows after actions that may be undone.

January 1st - Added an initial list 'Important Info' to make it clearer how lists are stored.