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Get things done in a powerfully simple way. Find out more.

Many things are active in Todo List Me. We encourage you to explore. Hover your mouse over things, if they do something, a tooltip will appear explaining it.

Funky Features

Drag and Drop

Lists and list items may be dragged and dropped in a few useful ways.

  • Both items and lists may be re-ordered simply by dragging them into the order you desire.
  • An item in the current list may be transferred into another list by dragging it onto that list. This is true for both done and to be done items.
  • A list may be copied into the current list by dragging that list onto the title of the current list.


Ah, tomorrow, the saviour of the procrastinator. If you've got tasks you'd like to put off till tomorrow, that is easy with Todo List Me.

  • Drag any item from your todo or done list over tomorrow (below done items) and it will be hidden from your lists till tomorrow.
  • Click the down arrow (right of tomorrow title) to reveal all the items you have put off till tomorrow.
  • Bring an item back from tomorrow by dragging it into either the todo or done tasks list.

The remote

This pops your lists out into a smaller window. Particularly useful if you have a wide-screen or multiple monitors.
To open the remote click on the icon Sync Icon in the top right of the screen.


This is great if you have a list of tasks that you do on a recurring basis. Create a list with the todos in it that you need. Then you can use this list as a template. Now just drag this list onto the current lists title and you're off.

Sorting items between lists

Drag an item in your currently displayed list onto another list and it will be moved into that list. This is useful if you use multiple lists to categorise things. As an example, I like to create a list for things to do later. I'll add items to my Daily todo list but if I can see I'm not going to get around to it today I'll drag it into the Do Later list.

Saving lists and Accounts

We don't know about you but personally we hate the number of accounts we have and trying to keep track of them. That's why this todo list system doesn't need one. Your lists are saved to your local computer as long as you're browser supports local storage (which is most modern browsers). You can tell if your lists are being saved by looking at the Save icon save icon ( coloured square icon, middle at the top). If the square is green your peachy. If it's red you can still use the system but your lists won't be saved. Saving happens automatically so you never need to worry about it.

Note: Because lists are stored locally if you clear your cache or anything like that you may lose your lists. (Syncing can get you around this, see below)

Syncing lists

Your lists are saved locally to your computer with no account (or effort) required. If you would like a bit more safety, or would like to share your lists across multiple devices, then syncing is for you. For your lists to be sync'd all you need to do is create an account and be logged in.

To create an account and start syncing your todo lists, click the sync icon ( Sync Icon ) in the top right of the screen.

Whilst you are logged in, the syncing icon will show a green arrow when things are ok and a red arrow if there is an issue. If there is a light green arrow then it means that changes are queued to be committed but have not been sent yet (it should become dark green in a few seconds).

Whilst you are logged in, the system will check in with the server every 5 minutes. If a newer version of your lists is found then it will alert you and give you the option of copying them down. Note, however, that changes will not be merged. If you make changes on two or more devices simultaneously then only the last change will be saved.

Privacy Policy

An email address is required to create an account but we will not under any circumstances send junk email or onsell your account details. You may rest assured it is only for the purposes of identifying you.

Your data remains your data. All lists you store on our system remain completely in your ownership.




Todo lists and task management are big business. Our lives are constantly getting more hectic and anything that can help us manage that is a blessing. Todo lists are a great way to manage this but have to be done right.

Features are great but not if they are too hard to use. A tool needs to have a good usability factor or it will not be used (in which case it becomes effectively useless no matter how great it's features are). TodoListMe aims to have the highest usability factor possible by providing just what you need to get things done, presented in a way which makes what you need to do clear and has a minimum effort requirement. That is, it's powerfully simple in how it works.

But what about priorities and due dates and sublists and...?
Indeed you will not find any of those features in TodoListMe. For a tool that is intended for managing daily tasks and simple projects, we feel that those characteristics sound nice in theory but in practice are not required, and only serve to waste time and make the management of those tasks more complicated than it should be.

We believe the path to really get things done is to spend less time and effort managing and more time doing. Todo List Me has the right balance of features and simplicity, presented elegantly, to allow just that.

Is it for me?

This sytem has been designed to suit my needs and habits. If it happens to suit yours as well then I'm sure you'll love this system. If not then there are many other great todo list systems out there, you should probably check out some of those. If you fit the criteria below then this system could be just what you are looking for:

  • just want a dead simple todo list but don't rely on it.
  • hate having to create accounts for everything.
  • need a quick, one off list, for a simple task.
  • just want a list and no complex features to get in the way.
  • just think this tool is funky and have another reason we haven't thought of.

Advice on best usage

When you first arrive here you'll notice a few lists have been created to get you started. If these don't suit what you want feel free to remove them and create your ideal setup. Although we've called it a ToDo list it is really just a plain list and you can use it for any type of list you like. Here are a few examples:

  • shopping list
  • things to pack when I go away list
  • things I've still got to do on my project list
  • creative ideas for solving problem X list
  • who's on which team lists (a different list for each team)
  • what I'm cooking for dinner each night list
  • my bucket list
  • this weeks creative challenges list
  • my life goals list
  • books I want to read list
  • etc

Future Development and Feedback

Our aim is to constantly improve and polish this system. Improving doesn't necessarily mean adding new features however, it mostly means refining the overall experience. We want the system to maintain it's relative simplicity and efficiency. If you have any ideas or feedback we'd love to hear from you. we can't guarantee that we'll implement your ideas but we will definately consider them.

You can contact us at feedback@todolistme.net.

In the Pipeline

  • Mobile web version


From the media hey? Hit us up at media@todolistme.net and we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

What's the deal with IE

Yeah, if you're using IE (Except for newer versions) then this todo list system really won't work too well for you. The system works fully in every other browser so you should really upgrade or switch to another browser. I'm improving the IE experience where I can but it's not a priority for me. If enough IE users complain however, I may reconsider.